who we are

Subplex is the work of C.C. Charles and a coalition of Very Special Guests.

what we do

Subplex develops media artifacts and communication contexts that evoke curiosity and encourage playful interaction with brands and ideas.

our philosophy

We believe that play is one of the most potent agents of change in society.

As humans, play is our primary mechanism for learning about our world. By poking, prodding, twisting, jiggling, tweaking, shaking, and just generally fiddling with things, we learn more about our surroundings, ourselves, and the ways in which we interact.

The discoveries we make through play tend to be created in our own time and on our own terms. It is this personal aspect that has the power to open up new experiences, new perspectives, and new possibilities as nothing else can.

We believe that by encouraging people to tinker and experiment, we allow them to explore existing concepts in intimately novel ways.